BigData + AdTech

How Network Operators in South Africa can build a new revenue stream and get a piece of a quickly growing Digital Ads Cake
Date: 11th November, 2020
Time: 11:00, SAST, GMT+2
Source: Online via Zoom

Webinar Topics

By attending this webinar you will learn:

How MNOs are taking advertisers' budgets away from Google and Facebook?
How to use 1st party data to create a new Revenue stream for Telecom companies?
What is the real value of 1st party data (e.g. geo data)?
What is programmatic advertising technology and how to adopt it?
What are the practical resources and steps to convert BigData into growing Ads revenue?

Businesses increase spending on digital ads, but they become more demanding in terms of ad price and targeting quality.
It creates a unique opportunity for MNOs to make profits, instead of current dominant players like Google and Facebook.

We will look at successful business cases and the steps/resources needed, based on the experience of MNOs who already did this.
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The webinar will be most relevant to:
Telecom industry
Marketing / Digital marketing / AdTech / BigData / Innovation teams