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If you want to earn on your audience, independently sell your inventory and do not want to involve third-party agencies, you can get with ADWIST:

  • Monetization of users with AdBlock
  • Audience segmentation
  • Sell ad views on third-party websites
  • Managing platforms and advertising inventory
  • Connect to external DSP & DMP
  • VAST, VPAID, DAAST Support
If you manage a network of websites and want one point of control, you can get:

  • Widening advertising inventory
  • Getting new clients
  • Achieving targets
  • Publishers and network connection
  • Self-service Interface for advertisers
If you want to increase the audience of your brand's products and services and want to have a solution in the perimeter of your business, you can get:

  • Optimize costs
  • Target your audience
  • Gain full control over advertising campaign
  • Publishers and network connection
  • User data management

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

  • Video, Audio, Display, Native Advertising Formats
  • Auctions: Direct Sales, Priority Fix Price, Open, Internal Promo, Header bidding
  • Self-service for suppliers and agencies
  • OpenRTB support

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

  • Video, Audio, Display, Native Advertising Formats
  • Targetings by: devices, Geo, Timings, Caps, White/Black lists, DSP Segments
  • Self-service for agencies and advertisers
  • Campaign optimizers
  • Post-click, Post-view
  • Direct Deals
  • RTB Bidder
  • DSP Proxy

Private DMP

  • Third-party DMP's integrations with fast data loading
  • Segments intersection
  • Cookie matching
  • Statistics
We are expirienced Adtech company focused on products and customized solutions for Publishers, Agencies, Advertisers, Data providers and Vendors

We offer solutions with a fixed model charging without hidden fees

Any system functionality can be expanded in accordance with customer requests
Our solutions: Full Programmatic Stack (DSP, DMP, SSP, Bidder, Ad Exchange, Ad Server), Custom White Label Advertising Platform, Programmatic Funnel Solutions, ML-powered Programmatic Solutions, CRM integration Solutions, CDP Solutions
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