Telecom Provider Advertising Platform

Proprietary programmatic technologies allows carriers to fundamentally increase the performance of the marketing budget

Using Your Marketing Budget
to Buy Video Advertising

Let's review a case based on video advertising on the Russian market.

The numbers below are the statistics for the approximate yearly advertising budgets (in Russia), spent by network carriers to buy programmatic ads (this money goes to a third-party service, an agency, or their own platform).
€ 3.6 mln
€ 2.3 mln
€ 1.38 mln
€ 1.7 mln
The budget for buying programmatic ads*

How This Budget is Currently Used

When the telecom provider is connected to third party traffic sources using programmatic technologies (SSP) via intermediaries (third party DSP, advertising agencies, etc.) the purchasing process for video ads looks like this:
Video advertising network (third party market player) buys an inventory for €0.9-1.4 per 1000 views (CPM)
The advertising network sells this inventory to advertising agencies for €3.5-5.0 per CPM
The agency sells it to the customer (network carrier) for ~€7.0 (average agency margin is ~30-40%, and higher for programmatic ads)

How to Use This Budget

When connecting your own telecom provider programmatic platform (DSP) to the traffic sources (SSP), the video ads purchasing process becomes clear and efficient:
The carrier buys inventory via their own platform for €1.1 per CPM
It's 6.4 times more efficient to use the budget this way!
In other words, with a budget of €2.8M using a programmatic channel with the current situation, you get 400 million contacts, but when using your own platform, you get 2.5 billion contacts.
Such efficient use of the marketing budget directly increases ROI and makes the provider that uses their own platform much more competitive than other market players. It means that a provider that uses a proprietary platform contacts their clients or potential clients much more often, meaning there are many more opportunities to increase ARPU (providers may calculate these statistics using their own numbers of contact conversions to target actions).
*Statistics sources (RUS):

Launching a Pilot Project
With the ADWIST Platform

How to Do This?

The license price for a pilot project depends on the platform load (QPS) and the number of external integrations
Time to project launch – 1 month
Zero expenses for platform deployment
Zero expenses for hardware
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