Intelligent affiliate platform for eCom
players for automatic offers' rotation

Empower your affiliate platform by integrating intelligent programmatic platform for automatic rotation your offers among all partners for the selection the most conversion inventory.

E-Commerce's Affiliate Platform

100,000+ SKUs
It's impossible to generate so many offers manually.
Just 0.3% of SKUs are converted to offers
Partners select offers from XML-file manually.
100 000+
There is no software for automatic rotation offers among all partners.

Current optimization instruments

There are smart partners
It's impossible to select the best offer for each kind of inventory of all partners manually
Some partners can't find good offers for themselves and stop working with the platform
Smart partner rotates just
offers per month
less than 10%

What should we do?

Offers are generated and rotated among the whole partners' network automatically.

Integrate ADWIST platform for selecting the best offers for each kind of inventory automatically



Machine Learning (ML) predictors increase conversion rate by 15-20%.
The most conversion offer is selected for each website by smart algorithms.
eCPM growth

WIN-WIN model

Online Retail's Revenue Growth

Intelligent platform distributes offers between partners and allow to earn each of them. So more partners are being connected to the platform.
Revenue growth
Partners' loyalty growth

Partners' eCPM Growth

Integrate ADWIST platform with external/internal DMP for Audience Extension

Integrate your affiliate platform with ADWIST programmatic platform

What do we need to do that?

Affiliate Platform
ML algorithms optimize offers' displaying for each website in the affiliate network

Unique and market first affiliate platform, where partners select not offers, but «widgets» for their websites

What do we get?

Offers are being rotated among all «widgets» automatically for increasing CR
Internal DMP collects BigData for analyzing and better selecting offers


Average CR growth is a Revenue growth

Loyal partners' base growth is a means of growing affiliate channel in Revenue stream

Scalable platform is a point of growth for your business

Integrate ADWIST programmatic platform with your affiliate platform to get intelligent affiliate platform in 1 month

How can we get this solution?

Monthly license fee depends on platform load (QPS) and number of external integrations.
Timing for launching project is 1 month
No setup fee
No costs for hardware
Get Platform